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Emotional cyclones

Emotional cyclones – dealing with them towards emotional well being

We have already read that emotional havoc in young people is rooted to one or several causes. In order to establish a state of well being amongst young people, one has to first have a clear picture of the traffic jam (discomfort) that causes emotional difficulties. Here we have tried to explain the flow of emotions by its comparison with traffic flow. Emotional ups and downs usually find an outlet through a situation that triggers certain thoughts. These results in feelings that influence behavior and this behavior may have a physical manifestation.

Emotionally balanced young people examine these five components in order to ensure that emotional traffic moves in an unobstructed and positive manner.

To use this pattern positively, young people should start by working on their thoughts. These can move in two directions they can act as traffic blockers or traffic movers. Traffic blockers, have an emotional origin. They are negative thoughts that power negative feelings and behavior and result in negative action. Such thoughts ultimately lead to feelings of depression, anger, anxiety and low self-esteem. They are best done away with.

The other types of thoughts are positive ones. These lead to a state of emotional well being and positive behavior. It is very important that the young people try to shift from an emotional mind to a one of well being. Once these cycles are recognized then one needs to identify their entrapments through any of the five roads and become aware of the same.

Understanding of a state of emotional well being could be understood through the word IMAGE.

I do care.

Managing problems effectively is a plus.

Awareness is important.

Go for it if it is worth the effort!

Emotions we all have them and can learn to deal with them effectively.

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