The Big Six Emotions

The six major emotional manifestations young people generally reveal are

●  Mad: Having a disorganised mind, wildly excited or infatuated

●  Glad: A period, filled with, or expressing joy

●  Sad: Unhappy feelings, sorrow or regret about something

●  Scared: Fear of something

●  Guilt: A feeling of anxiety or unhappiness that one has done something wrong. For instance, causing harm to another person

●  Lonely: Solitary, companionless, isolated, standing apart

Emotional changes at a glance

●  Having sexual thoughts, daydreaming and having fantasies

●  Frequent shifts in moods

●  Increased desire for independence

Feeling pressurised in the following ways

●  Fitting oneself into a physical identity

●  Conforming to stereotypes

●  Desiring to do well in the school

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