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Can breasts be made bigger?

Since adipose tissue (fat) determines the size of the breast, one way of enlarging one’s breasts may be to put on more weight. Should underweight be the problem, she should consult a doctor and take his or her advice. In general, foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates may help.There is no proof that any exercises can make breast bigger, but exercise is the only natural way to tone the chest muscle on which the fatty tissue is based. Also there is no proof that creams or sprays can make breasts bigger.

I am very worried about the fact that I have small breasts. I am almost flat chested. I think that is why boys don’t show interest in me. What can I do about this problem? Will it affect my chances of marriage, pregnancy and child bearing in any manner? Should I go for breast enhancements or implants?

Many adolescent girls have small breasts, which subsequently enlarge under the influence of hormones namely estrogen and progesterone. That is why during pregnancy and childbirth breasts get enlarged spontaneously. Well-developed breasts signify proper development of secondary sex characters in a female. Therefore along with the problem of flat chest or underdeveloped breasts if you have underdevelopment of other secondary sex characters like lack of pubic hair or very little growth of external genital organ or if you do not have a proper menstrual period, in that case you may consult a gynecologist or an endocrinologist to exclude any pathological disorders. In case they find that you are otherwise normal except small breasts, it will certainly not affect your chances of marriage, pregnancy and child bearing. Breast enhancement by any fillers or silicon implants can be harmful. Some exercises may help you in toning your chest muscles but there is no proof that exercises make your breasts bigger. Above all, maintaining healthy body should be a priority over the looks that appeal others. 

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