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Norms and Values on Sexuality

Moral Dilemma story

Arjun, Ravi and Riya are good friends. Arjun and Riya are engaged to be married. Riya is a college student. Arjun works for a company located in a small town some distance away.

Riya and her classmate Ravi start to work on a Class project that summer. They spend a lot of time together to complete the project in time. They enjoy each other's company and like being together. One evening, while working till late on the class project, the two of them end up having sex. Later, Riya regrets having been unfaithful to her fiancé and tells Ravi that she cannot have a relationship with him since she loves Arjun. Ravi accepts this but admits that he is in love with her and wants to marry her. Since Riya is engaged to Arjun, she tells him this is not possible. Ravi and Riya agree to be just friends and try to forget what happened between them as a 'thing in the past’.

After a few weeks, Ravi tells Riya that he is going to the same town where Arjun is working, to see a relative. Riya has not seen Arjun for some time and asks Ravi if she can accompany him, so that she is able to meet Arjun. Ravi agrees to it, but on the condition that Riya spends the night with him on the way. Riya is upset and decides that she would not speak to Ravi again. She shares this incident with her best friend Seema. Seema says that she likes Ravi and would not mind going out with him.

Meanwhile, Arjun has been having casual sexual relations with other women. When Riya meets him, she tells him about the casual sexual encounter she had with Ravi and that she regrets it. Arjun gets furious on hearing this and breaks off their engagement, saying that he could never trust her again.

Is morality different for men and women?

In your opinion who is to blame more, Riya, Arjun , Ravi or Seema?

Put yourself in the above mentioned character and think what you would have done.

What should one know to do the things better? Know more about life skils.

With this story and the questions raised, what we should realize is that we are quick to make moral judgments on others without having sufficient information about them or recognizing that situations that compel them to make certain decisions. Each one of us has our individual value system, which may or may not be same as others. The social expectations of men and women also influence our view of others as moral or immoral individuals.

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What makes us think and judge others the way we do?
Why do we have so many judgments around sex?
How do we define what is important for us?
Finally, how do these Norms and Values Influence on our Sexual Attitude and Behavior?
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