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How does pregnancy happen?

Pregnancy occurs when the male’s sperm fertilizes the female’s egg and the fertilized egg gets fixed to the lining of the womb. This fertilized egg then starts growing into a baby.

While data on adolescents’ and young people’s sexual behaviour is scant; in reality, due to greater opportunities to study and work away from home, increased exposure to national and global media and changes in traditional norms, more adolescents and young people are engaging in premarital sex.

In many countries including India, adolescents, particularly girls, are married off at an early age. Early marriages lead to early initiation of sexual activities, resulting in a number of health problems for the girl. Early sexual activity leads to early pregnancy at a time when she is not biologically mature enough to give birth. Also, most of these young girls have little or no information on family planning methods and contraception; neither can they seek counselling because of the social taboos associated with sex, particularly in rural areas. As such, a pregnant woman in her teens runs a high risk of unsafe abortion. Moreover the negotiation power of young girls at this stage is also very low and sexual coercion is not uncommon. In addition, teenage girls are also more susceptible than older women to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS as a result of both biological as well as social factors. These include hormonal fluctuations and the permeability of vaginal tissue.

Young people need adult assistance to deal with the thoughts, feelings and experiences that accompany maturity. Evidence from around the world has clearly shown that providing information and building skills on human sexuality and human relationships help to avert health problems and create more mature and responsible attitudes. Hence educating young people on pregnancy, contraception and abortion is must. The knowledge and access to contraceptives empower young men and women to have greater control on their sexual and reproductive health facilitating protection from unwanted pregnancy and STIs including HIV/AIDS. It also helps improve an over all quality of life. 

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