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I’m a girl of 16 and I’ve been masturbating for the last few years. Recently I found some indication of pregnancy. I’m very much worried. Can masturbation lead to pregnancy?

In order to get pregnant a girl has to have sexual  intercourse, which means a ‘penetrative sexual contact’ (vaginal-penile contact) with a boy. Thus by masturbating, a girl can never get pregnant.  

What are the risks associated with teenage pregnancy?

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Is it safe to drink during pregnancy?

No, drinking during pregnancy is dangerous. Alcohol can have a number of harmful effects on the baby. The baby can be born mentally retarded or with learning and behavioral problems that lasts a lifetime. Alcohol related birth defects are 100 percent preventable, simply by not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. 

I am 18 year old, unmarried and pregnant. What options do I have? Can I have abortion done? Will the doctor ask me awkward questions? How should I deal with that? Is abortion legal in India- does one have to be married to get an abortion?

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