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Contraception and Young People

Story of Jaya

Jaya, a 16-year-old, lived at her aunt’s place and studied in a school in Rohtak. Suraj, who was a couple of years older than her was a student of final year in the same school. He belonged to a wealthy household. They fell in love and dreamt of getting married and living happily ever after. They got physically involved and Jaya missed her periods for two months, but did not realize what this meant. Every morning, she experienced nausea and actually got very sick. Jaya’s aunt realized Jaya was pregnant and beat her up. She quickly informed Jaya’s parents, who also thrashed the girl. Jaya’s father even threatened to kill her because she had blackened the family name. Suraj, meanwhile, had quietly left the village when the pregnancy was discovered. Jaya was traumatized and very distressed. She could not understand where she had gone wrong or why she had become pregnant.

If only Jaya knew about contraceptives, then things could have been different for her.

Also, knowledge on Life Skills could be of help to her.

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Millions of individuals around the world begin their sexual activity during their adolescent years (WHO). They do so often without adequate knowledge about sexuality and use and access to modern contraceptives. The widespread ignorance among young population pose serious physical, psychological and social consequences due to too-early and unwanted pregnancy and childbirth, unsafe abortion, and STIs including HIV/AIDS. These events can also limit educational and job opportunities and negatively affect social development, especially of adolescent girls.

Contraception is the intentional prevention of pregnancy by artificial or natural means. Each method prevents pregnancy in a different way. Popularly it is know as birth control.

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