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How emotions affect behaviour

Young people are prone to get into a state of reactive depression if they:

● lose a boy or a girl friend

● fear the loss of peer group support

● are not well adjusted with parents or lack independence of action in their day-to-day activities

● perform poorly in school; have conflicts with teachers or peers

● display low self-esteem when they have an apparent physical disability

Complaints of psychosomatic conditions such as head and body aches, poor sleep and an impaired appetite may be manifested. Young people may display frequent mood swings, which may result in withdrawal from the peer group and family, displaying tantrums or result in violent behavior. Their academic performance in school or college may deteriorate. Some may even attempt to commit suicide when in a state of depression. Warning signals of a suicidal tendency include the following:

● Withdrawal from peers, friends, social and school activities

● Giving away of favorite possessions

● Indulging in alcohol or drug abuse

Here is the need for help from the relevant others like parents or educators. To know more about what you can do in such situation read the following page

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