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Points to remember about menstruation

You should not harbor any negative feeling toward menstruation. You need not be ashamed or embarrassed. You must not perceive it as dirty, unclean or impure. Though some religions associate menstrual periods with a ritual impurity, you must remember that this is a notion of ritual/ religious impurity. It is not scientific. Menstruation is not a curse upon women or a punishment by the gods. It is a completely natural process. It is nature's way of preparing you for motherhood.

You may experience some discomfort and/or pain during your periods. The discomfort would be less if you remember that:

Menstrual hygiene and cleanliness is a must. Itching may be due to lack of cleanliness. Daily bath and clean genitals should be ensured. Remember, genital hygiene is especially important during menstruation.

It is a part of life. Continue to lead your normal life during periods.

There are no scientific reasons for you to avoid any kinds of food. Weakness and feeling of exhaustion, tiredness and headache may occur due to lack of proper nutrition. Since you are growing, you need extra nutrition, especially iron, to make up the loss of blood during menstruation. Lack of iron may lead to anemia.

During periods, you may get severe cramps in the abdomen. These may last for a few hours or a couple of days. Some of you may also suffer backache, pain in the limbs, headache, tenderness in the breast or pimples on the face. These are quite normal and you need not get upset or worried. For discomfort, you could take a mild pain killer. If you have acute pain or painful menses, or weakness or itching is unbearable you must consult a doctor.

Every human being is unique. There are differences in the structure and development too. Variation may be there in size of breasts and menstrual cycle etc. One should not be worry about these variations.

To know more about difference in body see the video Different is Normal by Planned Parenthood.

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