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Sexual act/ behavior

Sexual acts come under the umbrella of expression of Sexuality but it is not the same as sexual identity or orientation. It involves sexual behavior whereas identity and orientation are about inclination and liking and does not necessarily associate with the expression in terms of sexual behavior or acts. The performance of these acts is solely dependent on the preference of an individual and can differ widely from one person to another.

Types of sexual acts

1.  Masturbation is the most common sexual act. Solo masturbation is the safest form of sex as it has no risk of pregnancy or STDs.

2. Mutual masturbation can occur between two or more people and it involves manual stimulation of genitals to self or to one another for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

3.  Penile-vaginal sex usually means having a man's penis placed inside a woman's vagina. This is the only form of sex that can lead to pregnancy.

4.  Oral sex is the contact made by placing on person’s mouth on another person's genitals (penis, vagina or anus). It does not lead to pregnancy but has the same risk of STDs as with vaginal sex.

5.  Penile-anal sex is usually when a man's penis is place inside someone else's anus, or butt hole.

6.  Foreplay is the act of sexual stimulation 

7.  Touching

8.  Kissing 

9.  Fondling

10.  Flirting

11.  Virtual sex (Cyber sex, Phone sex, Dirty talk)

The list above is not exhaustive and can include a number of other sexual acts as well. The important points to be considered for the sexual act are that both person should want it; when and how to have sex should be a personal choice; and the act should give a good feeling to the either of the person involved. It should not cause any harm (physical, emotional, psychological, social) to either of the person involved and should be pleasurable to them.

Forceful involvement in any sexual act which is not liked by a person comes under sexual abuse and sexual violence that can happen with all gender and ages. To read more about sexual abuse and its consequences click here.

But above all, the question that comes into everyone’s mind before involving into sexual act is whether I am ready for it. To know answer to this question you can click to this link by Planned Parenthood.

In few cases, one might get addicted to sexual behavior and may need psychological treatment in case it impacts the daily functioning of the person. You can read these FAQs to know more about sexual addiction.

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