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The Vaginal corona/ hymen

The vaginal corona/ hymen is a vascularised mucous tissue that is located 1-2 cm inside the vaginal opening and not very deep inside the vagina. It consists of folds of mucus tissue tightly or more loosely folded. In the vast majority of cases, it is elastic and stretchy. It is not a brittle membrane and physical exercise does not affect it. One of the most important myth is the notion that woman’s vaginal opening is covered by a membrane that ruptures on penetration. Vaginal corona consists of elastic folds of mucus tissue that cannot be ruptured by a penis or any other object inserted into the vagina. When the mucus tissue is stretched minor ruptures sometimes develop and may cause sharp, stinging pain. They soon heal usually within 24 hours. There are many myths associated with hymen and its association made with virginity

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