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Period pains/ Dysmenorrhea

Moderate period pains can occur when the uterus shrinks in order to eject the lining membrane. The pain may be felt in the lower part of the stomach, but also in the groin, thighs or back. Some people have headaches and feel unwell when they have period pains. The pain may come and go during the day, and may occur sometimes or always during menstruation. Normal pain medication can help. Exercise is particularly good to be active if you usually suffer period pains.

There can be pain on the first day of periods for around 12 hours, severe, intermittent, and spasmodic. This may even lead to fainting spell or collapse. This kind of pain starts 2-3 years after menarche (associated with ovulation). For the treatment of spasmodic pain you have to see a doctor.

You could have premenstrual pain in back/ lower abdomen for 3-5 days. It is usually relieved by menstrual flow. Pain is usually felt in left side of abdomen. Constipation may also occur. For the management of this problem it is important that you take appropriate diet; avoid excess carbohydrates and strong purgatives. Do moderate exercise.

There can be some blockage in the flow of menstruation. This condition is rare but if it occurs you should see a doctor.

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