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Issues to be addressed in adolescent female

Changes in girls during adolescence and the issues that need to be addressed


Issues to be addressed

Gain in Height

·      Good nutrition is the secret of attaining the full potential height

·      The final height of adolescents is likely to be about the same as parents

·      Being tall or short is not abnormal

·      Girls may be shorter or taller than boys

Weight gain

·      Weight gain in adolescence is natural. They gain about 5.5 to 10.5 kg per year. On entering puberty girls gain about 60% of adult weight

·      Food eaten and physical activity determine the weight gained

Skin becomes oily, acne may appear



·      There may be appearance of acne on the face. Avoid using commercial preparations for acne as they may aggravate the condition or lead to pigmentation and scarring.

Breasts begin to grow in size

·      Size of the two breasts in a girl may be different but gradually equalizes.

·      Size of the breast may be different in different girls. They are all normal.

Hair grows in pubic areas and armpits.

·      There may be variations in hair growth in different girls.

·      Girls may have more hair than boys who have not attained puberty.

Enlargement of the internal genital organs and the onset of menstruation


·      Breasts may feel lumpy prior to or during menstruation.

·      Girls have a different body structure from boys. They put on more body fat, predominantly in the lower trunk and posterior thigh.

·      The genital organs gradually acquire functional maturity and prepare the girl for the function of child bearing.

·      Menstruation (discussed in more detail in further segment) is a normal process and signifies capacity to reproduce.

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