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Issues to be addressed in adolescent male

Changes in boys during adolescence and the issues that need to be addressed


Issues to be addressed

Gain in Height

·      Good nutrition is the secret of attaining the full potential for height.

·      The height of adolescents is determined by the height of parents.

·      Being tall or short is not abnormal.

·      Boys may be shorter than girls to begin with but become taller later.

·      Inadequate increase in height can be an topic of concern for the physical structure

Weight gain

·      Weight gain during adolescence is about 25-30 kg.

·      Food eaten and physical activity determine the weight gained.

Skin becomes oily, acne may appear


·      There may be appearance of acne on the face. Avoid using commercial preparations for acne as they may aggravate the condition or lead to pigmentation and scarring.

·      Facial hair and moustache begins to appear. Hair grows in pubic areas, armpits and chest.

·      Boys may feel manly but can also become shy or feel awkward due to these changes.

·      There may be variations in hair growth specially body hair.

Body becomes more muscular


·      Boys take pride in their bodies and exhibit it. Some boys may have a body image concern if they feel that their body is not muscular enough.

Voice changes


·      It may attract unpleasant attention especially if different from that of the peer group. It is normal

Testes and penis increase in size


·      There might be slight variation in the size of the two testes. Left testes generally hangs lower than right.

·      The average length of non-erect penis (approximately 9.5 cm) varies widely from one person to another.

·      Size of penis is not related to future sexual abilities.

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