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Breast development in females

The first pubertal change in females is the breast development. The first sign is typically the beginning of breast growth, including ‘breast buds’ in which a small mound is formed by the elevation of the breast and papilla (nipple). The areola (the circle of different coloured skin around the nipple) increases in size during this phase. Eventually, the nipples and the areolas will elevate again, forming another projection on the breasts. At adult state, areola recedes into general contour of breast and the papilla projects as nipple. Sometimes during puberty, when the breasts begin to develop, they feel a bit sore. It can feel sore and swollen just before the period.

Nipple Discharge

As breasts can produce fluid in different amounts throughout a young girl’s and woman’s life, it is normal to have nipple discharge. Health care professional should be contacted if the fluid is

Red, pink, or brown in color

Comes out all the time even when there is no pregnancy

Appears only in one breast

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